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  • Major Kelly
  • Colonel Klink
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  • Mr. Magoo
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  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Moloch
  • Kiki Montparnasse
  • Bettie Page
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  • Leni Riefenstahl
  • Vanessa Del Rio
  • Snefru
  • Yma Sumac
  • Jimmy JJ Walker
  • Mary Lou Williams

  • The Daily Squid
    is an internet newspaper featuring news headlines and information on a variety of provocative topics.

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    Snefru: Egyptian Pharoah responsible for building the first pyramids.

    Willie B: Atlanta's most well known and beloved celebrities.
    Willie B

    Frank Burns: Major in the US Army, and complete nutcase.
    Frank Burns

    Paul Lynde: Comedienne extraordinaire and a Hollywood Squares legend.
    Paul Lynde

    Jonah Jones : He was master of the trumpet and performed with the likes of Stuff Smith and Cab Calloway.
    Jonah Jones

    Kiki Montparnasse : She was a 1920's Parisian Diva at the center of a famous artistic circle including Man Ray.

    Agent 99 : On the sixties television sitcom 'Get Smart' she was Maxwell Smart's right hand woman, both the 'brains and the looks' of that dynamic super-spy couple.  Find out what Barbara Feldon is up to these days !
    AGENT 99

    Tiny Grimes : He was master of the jazz guitar and the inventor of 'rock and roll'.  He performed and recorded with many other great musicians in jazz like Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins.

    Kid DYN-O-MITE

    Bettie Page: Country girl from Tennessee who would become the world's greatest 'pin-up'.
    Bettie Page

    Al Hibbler: Sang for Duke Ellington and his orchestra.
    Al Hibbler

    Vanessa Del Rio: Hot latina from the big screen and a cult legend.
    Vanessa Del Rio

    Eva Braun : A Beautiful German girl who committed suicide shortly after having consummated her marriage.
    Eva Braun

    Leni Riefenstahl: She was Hitler's favorite movie-maker.  Born in 1902, she's still living and has just written a book, and Jodie Foster is slated to portray her in a new movie.
    Leni Riefenstahl

    Bubber Miley: He played horn with Duke Ellington in the late 20's and was first to record the muted 'growl' sound.
    Bubber Miley

    MOLOCH : He wasn't really a man, he was a GOD, that is, a man with a BULL's head.  The ancient Hebrews would fire up the furnace in his belly and sacrifice children.  All this was done on a hillside outside Jerusalem.

    Church of Scientology


    Major Charles Kelly: US Army medic and medevac helicopter pilot. Father of the 'dustoff', and a true hero.
    Major Kelly

    Mr. Magoo: Bumbling man with extreme myopia and the voice of Thurston Howell the third.
    Mr. Magoo

    Mary Lou Williams: One of the great pianists from the age of jazz.  Out of Kansas City, she performed with Andy Kirk's 'Twelve Clouds of Joy', and later partook in the era of bop.
    Mary Lou Williams

    Eva Peron : She was one heck of a woman with her finger on the pulse of Argentina.
    Eva Peron

    Ho Chi Mihn : Ho Chi Minh was originally the name of a poor old Chinese man. When he died a man named Nguyen Tat Thanh bought the old man's ID card. When Nguyen was arrested by the Chinese, he used the old man's name - Ho Chi Minh. More importantly, Ho Chi Minh (formerly Nguyen) had a deformed left ear.
    Ho Chi Minh

    Yma Sumac : Vocalist extraordinaire, she had a voice which covered 5 1/2 octaves.  Born an Incan Princess high in the Andes Mountains, she ended up making a number of memorable recordings.  She's still alive and performs occasionally.
    Yma Sumac

    El Rey Del Mambo

    Secret Societies


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