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Eighteen Egyptian Cats Stand Guard Over Dead Owner
The Associated Press, Aug. 26, CAIRO. Eighteen cats stood vigil for a week over the body of their master and attacked policemen who came to remove his corpse, police said Saturday. Bahgat Mostafa Said, 63, a retired Egyptian civil servant, loved cats. He had 18 of them, police said. When Said died Aug. 19 in his apartment in the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis, his cats rallied round, meowing and watching over him. A week later, police came to investigate a smell coming from the apartment. They found Said surrounded by his feline family. When police officers approached the body, the cats set upon them, scratching ferociously, a police spokesman said on condition of anonymity. It took the officers two hours to remove the cats before they could retrieve Said's body. The police spokesman said the man appeared to have died of natural causes. Copyright 2000 The Associated Press